Unifying management of multiple WordPress sites

Using OAuth authorization, you can access this service without registering your account information. You can manage multiple WordPress sites from one place.


You can see the status of tens or hundreds of your WordPress sites at once.

You can watch all of your WordPress sites’ status at the dashboard.

When a site needs update, it will be informed.

Multiple Remote Update

You can update multiple WordPress sites at once very easily.

  • Update WordPress core.
  • Update plugins.
  • Update themes.

It’s very easy to update. Select check boxes and click the update button. You can update  a number of sites at once.

Total Backup

Full backup with one click.

  • Backup WordPress core files.
  • Backup Plugins.
  • Backup Themes.
  • Backup Databases.

Using the Backup function, you can easily backup everything. So if you experience any trouble, you can restore your site as it was.

When you update your sites, your sites will be backed up automatically, so you can do your maintenance at ease.


Manage your sites securely and easily.

Keeping your WordPress sites updated enables you to use all fabulous features of WordPress with safety.

WP Remote Manager uses OAuth authorization to log in like Twitter and Facebook, so you don’t have to give your important account information.